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FZ: Step Inside

Take in the surroundings

Fieuzal is a place to grow and to grow oneself. Each vine is only a modest part of an extraordinary natural world in which we respectfully assume our role, with smells, sights and sounds at every corner.

From the chickens that delight us with new life to the vegetables on our plates; the bees that make our honey and the trees that offer us a moment’s shade – we share the land with flora and fauna that preserve the balance and diversity essential for inspiration and our continued existence.

FZ: Step Inside

Our Family

If there’s a seemingly magical force that holds Fieuzal together, it comes from the family in which we all belong. From the moment we step inside we know where we are, who we are, and why we are here. Brenda and Lochlann Quinn, Irish family owners who fell in love with Fieuzal in 2001, give us an identity that is inseparable from our duty – the Fieuzal of this generation is free to enjoy creating the Fieuzal of the next – with their support, guidance and encouragement.

FZ: Step Inside


Fieuzal’s respect for its land goes back over 400 years to when it was harvested by a handful of modest wine growers. As the terroir gained reputation, it received the name ‘Fieuzal’ in 1864, after ‘Lovely Fieuzal’, the last descendent of the Fieuzal family. Fieuzal’s legendary 1893 vintage sat on the table of Pope Léon XIII in the Vatican and its red became Grand Cru Classé in 1959 - now recognised as one of the finest Grand Crus of Bordeaux.

Each of the 5 families to steer Fieuzal’s course has added a touch of their personality on a heritage that is very much alive.

FZ: Step Inside

The Soils

As we tread the earth beneath our feet, it can be hard to imagine that something with so much finesse and complexity can be born out of the ground. But yet these modest gravel stones that give the ‘Graves’ appellation its name, together with the sand that flows between, infuse the roots of our vines with rich minerals whilst having a remarkable power to retain freshness.

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FZ: Step Inside

The Vineyard

summer vines
vines in front of Fieuzal

Protected by 30 hectares of forest and vast stretches of hedgerow, Fieuzal’s vineyard is a diverse world of its own and a treasure that it holds naturally close to its chest. 74 individual plots of 6 grape varieties are each like individual jewels that reflect the light in a different way – their rare characteristics a delight when they are picked by hand and assembled together.

FZ: Step Inside

The Winery

concrete vats
stainless steel and oak vats

A canvas built pure and precise, Fieuzal’s winery was designed to give ourselves the tools to experiment with an open mind, adapting our winemaking technique to the characteristics of different plots across different vintages. 10 oak, 44 stainless steel and 16 concrete vats – each adorned with the names of Brenda and Lochlann’s 17 grandchildren - form the physical structures that both aesthetically and functionally embody Fieuzal’s identity.

fieuzal underground barrel room
pipette tasting samples

FZ: Step Inside

The Cellar

For all the energy and excitement that takes place above the ground, the shadow and silence of Fieuzal's underground cellar provides a stark contrast and a necessary balance. Multiple expansive galleries are home to over 800 barrels of French oak and acacia. Over a period of 12 months, individual plots develop and refine themselves like hundreds of ideas simultaneously taking shape, awaiting their moment to surface.

FZ: Step Inside

A hundred thousand welcomes

People often come to Fieuzal not for a visit or for a tasting, but simply because they want to come. We live like we create – rooted in nature but with a modern approach that keeps us in constant movement. Fieuzal is a place to think; a place to work; a place to dine or rest; and a place to breathe. And once you’ve been to Fieuzal, it’s a place you’ll never forget.

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